Articles by "Yi Yang"

Interview: Yunnan Church Choir Director Shares First International Tour in US&UK

Recently CCD interviewed Long Guangyuan, the choir director, to share their first international trips.

Prof. Mo Ruxi, Vice Dean of Nanjing Union Theological Seminary, Dies at 95

Professor Mo Ruxi, a former vice dean of Nanjing Union Theological Seminary(NUTS), died of illness in Nanjing at the age of 95, on March 3, 2018.

Yunnan Church Choir Gives First International Performance in U.S.

The Xiaoshuijing Miao Farmers' Choir from a church in Yunnan made its first international debut at New York Lincoln Center.

Amity Foundation Raised ¥160 M Online in 2017, Experienced Development in Many Fields

Amity listed out its development highlights covering thirteen aspects like church social service, Bible printing, disaster management and community development, health care, and poverty alleviation.

Professor: Recognition of Xu Guangqi’s Catholic Identity Shows China’s Social Progress

In the past, the Chinese historical records only mentioned Xu Guangqi's contribution to politics and science, but never mentioned his Catholic identity which regained recognition now.

Church-run Hospital Joins Blood Drive

On February 12, 2018, Luzhou Gospel Hospital joined a voluntary blood donation campaign launched by the city's blood drawing station.

How Southern Churches Celebrate Spring Festival

Unique characteristics of the ways southern churches celebrate Chinese New Year.

China Releases Policies on Rural Religions

China released policies under the "No 1 central document" regarding rural religion issues.

Guangdong Union Theological Seminary Holds Closing Ceremony of First Semester for School Year 2017-2018

Guangdong Union Theological Seminary (GUTS) held the closing ceremony of the first semester for the school year 2017-2018.

Jiangsu Church Starts Free Lunch Ministry

A church in Jiangsu started a ministry that raised funds to provide free lunches for elderly Christians with mobility difficulty once a week.