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'I Learn to Be Grateful', A Lost-Found Second Generation Christian Says

'I Learn to Be Grateful', A Lost-Found Second Generation Christian Says

A love heart drawn on the sand. A love heart drawn on the sand.
ByZhang Mengyue March 25, 2022
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On the path of serving God, the love of countless believers whom I had never met before helped me turn my life around, making me realize the true meaning of "giving thanks in everything".

Like many children born into Christian families, I grew up surrounded by the care of the church and that of my brothers and sisters.

When I entered the rebellious period, I began to deny and doubt everything. " If it were not for my father, I'm afraid no one in the church would know me!" At that time, I began to have such assumptions about my fellow brothers and sisters.

Although the influence of my family had made me never doubt my faith, I had never once received the truth. As I entered the school and got a job, I gradually drifted with the world, and my heart gradually closed in frustration and trial.

Even though my heart was so stubborn and rebellious, the Lord who was full of love and mercy did not forsake me. A year ago, my family introduced me to join a writing ministry. Then I came to a foreign land by myself.

"When you go to a new city, you must first find a church!" This church was far from home, but I felt the love and warmth of a family, and my life was turned upside down.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the church service was suspended, so I tried to ask the pastor of the church if they had any plans for the baptism of seekers. The pastor told me that the church service would resume that week and baptism registration would begin. He asked me to contact Sister Z who was in charge of reception for baptism registration.

"How can anyone care about me, such a stupefied out-of-town kid?" I was very passive and indifferent and planned to rush home after filling out the registration form.

"Young man, wait!” A voice came from behind me, and Sister Z, who was busy sorting out the application materials for the seekers, stopped me. "You're not from here. Do you live far from here? Do you live alone? Let auntie know if you need anything..."

Although it was only a few short greetings, it reminded me of the kindness I felt in the church as a child. I always have a sense of distance from others, so I shared with sister Z the process of my faith growth.

During the follow-up study with seekers, with the support and trust of the pastor and Sister Z, I was fortunate enough to become the "monitor" of the seeker’s class, leading the seekers to study scriptures together every day, and after the weekly class, Z left me again to share about my faith and testimony.

Once, the seeker’s class ended late. It was past lunchtime, and the church was already empty, so I was going to take the bus home. Unexpectedly, Z said to me with a box of lunch, “Child, your home is too far from here, while the meal is not cold, eat your lunch before going back!" It turned out that she who also didn't eat, was always thinking about me, and she had to walk all the way around the thousand-square-meter churchyard to find me.

I thought, "Ah, so I am also loved by my brothers and sisters!" My eyes instantly became wet. It was also from that day that I secretly made up my mind that in order to repay this grace, I must be baptized smoothly and do my writing ministry well!

- Translated by Leo Liu

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