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Jesus claims that he came not to be served, but to serve. With the spirit of "serving", Christianity in China seeks to serve unprivileged and forgotten people in the great land. Faith-based charities such as Amity Foundation, YMCA-YWCA, Christian foundations, and other unknown organizations strive to work for the benefits of disadvantaged people in various fields, but the majority of them are often financially insufficient. September 9 marks China's largest charity day when charities raise funds on the Internet to support their events, initiating a fundraising campaign among Christian charities and the Christian community. This month we share their stories and work with you. 

You can also read trending news as well as features about Fukien University, the Courtyard of the Happy Way, and why people choose the house church. 

Amity Foundation Says It Receives Donations from 1 Million Donors in Recent Charity Campaign

Amity Foundation released a summary of China’s largest annual charity campaign held on September 7-9, saying they had united 1.04 million netizens to support 366 charity projects. 

Shanghai Agape Foundation Signs Project That Will Benefit 100 Cancer Survivors

Shanghai Agape Foundation and the local cancer rehabilitation service center jointly launched a project which will benefit 100 cancer survivors. 

Tianjin YWCA Donates Books, Teaching Aids to Local Deaf Children

Tianjin YWCA sent  them educational materials and organizing team building activities on the 37th Teacher’s Day which falls on September 10th.

Christian Volunteer Team Launches Artistic Training for Teenagers with Down Syndrome

A public welfare project of supplying artistic training to children with Down Syndrome was carried out in the Volunteer Service Center of Reed’s Family in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu recently.
In the News

Churches Across China Reopen

As the pandemic situation stabilized recently, churches in many provinces resumed in-person gatherings in early September.

Fujian TSPM Church Only Reopens to the Vaccinated or PCR Negative Proof Holders

A Fujian TSPM church that recently re-opened has said only attendees who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 or who hold a PCR negative test result are allowed to enter.

Churches across China Launch Peace Prayer Meetings to Commemorate the 76th Anniv of V-J Day

As September 3 was the 76th anniversary of the Victory over Japan Day and the World Anti-Fascist War, so churches across China held peace prayer meetings and other commemorative activities.

CCCOWE Holds International Entrepreneurs Missional Disciples Training Conference

The Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism kicked off the virtual 2021 International Entrepreneurs Missional Disciples Training Conference. 

Landmark Kunming Sacred Heart Cathedral to be Dismantled, Transformed in October, Local Gov't Says

Kunming government stated that the local landmark Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is an "illegal construction" and it would be dismantled from October 1.

Chinese Christians Invited to Attend Virtual Feast of Tabernacles in Israel

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem holds an eight-day virtual Feast of Tabernacles, inviting hundreds of thousands of Christians to participate.

Fukien Christian University, One of the Most Prestigious Universities Founded by Fujian Churches

First opened in 1916, Fukien Christian University trained many famous academics and professionals during its 35-year-old history. 

A Visit to Courtyard of the Happy Way in Shangdong

I had the honor to visitthe former site of Wei County Concentration Camp of western expatriates which is known to the world as the Auschwitz in the East.

Professor Liu Ping: A Thousand Years of Bible Translation History in China

A Chinese professor introduced Bible translations in different historical periods after Christianity entered China, explaining how the holy book gradually became a part of China. 

Why Do Some Believers Choose House Church?

Through the years' observation of elderly Christians, it analyzes why some believers choose to meet in the house church, the type of church with Chinese characteristics.
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