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The academic field of Chinese Christianity has been diverse in the latest decades. The study of Christianity in China can be classified into three types according to the timeline: historical studies, modern research, and contemporary exploration. In the post-pandemic era, Christian and non-Christian scholars use technology like Zoom to give lectures and spark ideas. Research interests include the study of western missionaries in China in the past centuries, the integration of Christianity with Chinese culture, images of rural Christianity in China, and the demographic features of the religious populations. This month we will provide you with a glimpse of these studies. 

You can also read trending news as well as features about living out faith in daily life, a northern China's church dilemma, and an introduction of a Shanghai church with Chinese characteristics. 

Peking University Professor Gives Webinar on Localization of Christianity from a World Perspective

Professor Zhang Zhigang delivered an online lecture themed “Christianity Localization Issue: From a World Christianity History Perspective” in an attempt to encourage research on the Sinicization of Christianity.

Christian Scholar Ran Yunfei: 'Chinese Biographies of Missionaries to China is Often Neglected'

Christian scholar Ran Yunfei said in a lecture that he is researching Chinese biographies of foreign missionaries in China, which is often neglected. 

Lecture: Six Images of Contemporary Rural Christianity in China

A scholar shared six images of rural Christianity in China through a literature review: positive reputation, utilitarianism, localization, marginalism, folk religion, and a "harmful thing". 

Scholar Interprets Confucius’ Role as ‘Seer' Through the Analects

A Chinese scholar attempted to interpret the Analects with a perspective of viewing Confucius as a "seer" and emphasizes the concept of "heaven" in Confucian teachings. 

Japanese Scholar: Researchers Should See Christianity in China from an "Insider’s Perspective"

A Japanese scholar urged that researchers move from an outsider’s perspective into an insider’s viewpoint of how the indigenization of Christianity is on Chinese soil.

More Urban, Young, Elite? Scholar Shares Demographic Features of Chinese Religious Populations

The stratification of religious believers in China had been shifting towards the urban, the young, and the elite populations, said a professor.
In the News

Zhejiang Celebrates Completion of New Church

A commemorative ceremony for the reconstruction was held on October 19 for Sizhai Church in Dongbaihu Town, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, which was established in the 1980s.

Shanxi Churches Provide Meals, Materials for Fighting Against Flood

Churches in Hejin City, Shanxi Province, organized believers to send food, water, gloves, rain ponchos, and head torches to volunteers who fought against flood.

Gaizhou Church Celebrates Fall Harvest

A church in China’s northeastern Liaoning Province celebrated the fall harvest with worship and praise.

Chengdu YMCA Hosts First Special Children’s Games

Chengdu Young Women’s Christian Association in Sichuan held the first Special Children’s Games at Jintang Special Education School.

Nanjing Christian Bookstore Launches Sign Language Training Course for Hearing Persons

Nanjing Vineyard Bookstore in Jiangsu, resumed a training course themed "Hearing People Learn Sign Language" on October 23.

Photocopy Collection of English Mission Journals in Modern China Published

The new large-volume book covers the photocopies of seven magazines published by missionaries in China from the mid 19th to mid 20th century.

Pastor in East China: 'Integrating Faith into Life Means Christians Ought to Better Focus on Culture, Sports, Train Willpower, Character'

Recently a pastor in East China stressed that if Christians desired to integrate faith into their lives, they ought to pay more attention to culture and sports, and to enhance the training of willpower and character.

Young Pastor Talks about the Phenomenon of More Women than Men in the Church

People have the impression that churches are full of old people and women, and that men don’t often go to church. The phenomenon that more women than men in the church makes the marriage of the relatively older single sisters in the church difficult. 

What Is the Future of Nanjie Church in Hebei Province?

The Nanjie Church is struggling with problems such as the aging of believers, the loss of young believers, and the lack of a full-time pastor to care for believers. The person in charge asks for help. 

Fitch Memorial Church: The Only Church in Chinese Classical Revival Style in Shanghai

Established to be a US Presbyterian Mission church in the 1920s and now serving as a TSPM church, Shanghai Fitch Memorial Church has witnessed the indigenization of Christianity in China.  
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