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Originating in the United States during the English Reformation, Thanksgiving has become one of the most important holidays among the Chinese Christian community. Rural Christians usually bring their first fruits to the church to give thanks to God for His blessings, providence, and grace throughout the year. Some churches even designate November as the Thanksgiving month in which they perform songs and dances, hold bazaars and testimony sharing meetings, and carry out evangelistic meetings. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, some churches are closed but local believers count God's grace in their lives. This month we share some celebration stories, photos, and a Christian testimony with you.

You can also read trending news as well as features about a faithful story of an elder who serves God the whole life, a middle school where the anti-footbinding movement started, and appeals for the change of living out faith in today's China and environmental protection. 
        Two Jiangsu Churches Celebrate Thanksgiving

Haikou Road Church in Changchun Celebrates Thanksgiving Day

Haikou Road Church in Changchun, Jilin Province held a Thanksgiving service to celebrate the fall harvest. The pastoral staff used a daily positive sentence to encourage more members and seekers to be grateful.

Jilin Church Celebrates Thanksgiving on Two Sundays

Nanzhan Church in Dongfeng County, Liaoyuan, hosted Thanksgiving celebrations with hymns and dances, Bible skits, and testimony sharing on two Sundays to express gratitude. 

Photos of a Guangdong Church Hosting Thanksgiving Charity Gala

Guangxiao Church in Guangzhou, Guangdong, launched a Thanksgiving charity gala to raise money for the weak and needy people on November 28.

After a Failed Marriage, I Meet My Current Husband, Experience God's Healing

Thinking of the fact that I have a healthy body with a job and a family, I feel very grateful. It does not matter if my daughter gets a little rebellious sometimes, and I occasionally have some friction with my husband, but God never leaves me. 
In the News

While Sichuan, Beijing Churches Reopen, Jiangsu Churches Close Amid COVID-19 Rebounds

Three churches in Sichuan and one in Beijing announced the continuations of in-person gatherings after a local outbreak subsided, while two churches in Jiangsu closed due to an asymptomatic case.

Textbook on the Interpretation of Christianity Through Chinese Classics Completed

Recently the Textbook on the Interpretation of Christianity Through Chinese Classics complied by the Central Institute of Socialism was completed. 

Israel Holds the 5th Christian Media Summit, Theming Partnership in Peace through “Abraham Accords and Abrahamic Religions�/span>

The fifth Christian Media Summit was held virtually by the Israeli government on Thursday, with the theme of “Abraham Accords and Abrahamic Religions: Partners in Peace�

Guangdong Province Awards First 'Registration Number Certificate for Folk Belief Activity Venue' to Longyan Temple

The Longyan Ancient Temple in Shenzhen was awarded the first "Registration Number Certificate for Folk Belief Activity Venue" on October 29. 

Fred Hsu, Senior Leader of Chinese Charismatic Movement, Dies of COVID-19

Pastor Fred Hsu, founder of the Harvest International Center in North America, died of COVID-19 on November 1. He and his wife were engaged in missionary work for more than 40 years. 

Online Celebration of Rev. John Sung’s 120th Birthday Initiated by Chinese Pastors in North America

Chinese pastors in North America held an online celebration in commemoration of the 120th birthday of Chinese evangelist John Sung, the “Wesley of Chinaâ€? 

A Chinese Christian's Voice: In New Era, Our Christian Faith Can’t Just Stick to Religious Manifestations

In 2021, we can be said to be in a new “unprecedented era of great changes� The same is true of today’s churches, especially those in the post-pandemic era. What is the way out for the church to live out its faith to the world?

Appeals of a Christian: 'Christians Can Do Small Things in Face of Global Warming, Climate Change'

A Christian businessman with years of environmental protection experience gave specific suggestions on how we can do small in the face of global warming and climate change. 

[Feature] Elder Sun Zhaocheng Who Serves in Danyang for Decades: 'I’ve Kept the Faith'

Consecrated to God as a child, the 80-year-old Elder Sun Zhaocheng recalled his whole life that he had kept the faith amid ups and downs. 

Zhenjiang Chongshi Girls�Middle School: The First Place Ever That Abandoned Women’s Foot-Binding

Zhenjiang Chongshi Girls�Middle School was the cradle of the anti-footbinding movement in China, thanks to its first principal Hory C. Robinsen.
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