Christian Artist Publishes New Chinese Ink Wash Paintings in Beijing

Interpretation: The Parable of Ten Virgins
Interpretation: The Parable of Ten Virgins (photo: Daozi)
By Ruth WangJuly 28th, 2016

Combining faith with traditional Chinese art techniques for the past years, Christian artist Daozi has released several collections of "saintism wash ink paintings" that gained a reputation in both domestic and overseas markets.

His new exhibition themed as "Surely I Am Coming Soon" will be held in Beijing on July 30, along with an academic discussion regarding his art.


Daozi, whose real name is Wangmin, is a professional from the Academy of Art & Design in Tsinghua University, a renowned poet and art critic.

"The Saintism Art", a term he personally coined, integrates Christianity into Chinese traditional ink wash art on the basis of Christian faith with the purpose to recall and construct the spiritual world by prophecy.

Hao Qingsong, the academic director of this exhibition and a famous Chinese art critic said, "When it comes to contemporary ink wash art, the problem lies not only in the skill, but also the dilemma occuring in contemporary art - the deficiency in actual concern and ultimate concern... The Saintism Art of Daozi shows much enlightenment in contemporary art, like an optical wedge inserted in history at the right time."

Talking about the significance of Christianity in art, he continues, "As the core of Christianity, the 'incarnation' contains both the ultimate concern that has the absolute surpassing meaning and the actual concern of martyrdom, offsetting the middle course and retiring from the world that lacks divinity in Chinese ideological history." 

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