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- October 27, 2016 -

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Pastor Stephan Tong to Hold Evangelistic Rally in Hong Kong Before Christmas

Pastor Stephan Tong, the famous Chinese evangelist, will hold an evangelistic rally with the theme "The Word in History" in Hong Kong on December 20.


[Billy Graham Daily Devotion] Bread of Life

Man has an inborn hunger for God. He cannot be satisfied with anything less than God. God alone can supply the bread which satisfies the inner longing of your soul and the hunger of your heart. . . . The Bible says that He is the Bread of Life.


BTS' Jungkook Interviews Fellow Members for 'The Show'

A very interesting SBS MTV 'The Show' episode took place on October 25 featuring BTS.


Third "Samuel Pollard Thoughts" Seminar Rounded Off in Beijing

The third "Samuel Pollard Thoughts" Seminar was held in Beijing on Oct 22 and 23 themed with Shimencan and rural construction.


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