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- July 20, 2017 -

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  • Society

    John Roberts’ Commencement Address Goes Viral in China

    The commencement speech by John G. Roberts Jr. is widely spread on Chinese social media, widely known as "poisonous chicken soup(毒鸡汤)".

  • Church

    This Four Kinds of Christian are In Danger

    Christians throughout the church age have faced dangers. Sometimes these have been physical, but more often than not they have been spiritual. Here are four spiritual dangers to avoid.

  • Ministry

    The Benefits of Financially Independent Preachers

    A preacher argues that preachers should be financially independent, even if they are unpaid or underpaid. wages are not credited as a gift but as an obligation.

  • Church

    Foreign Pastors, Better Sermons?

    A preacher reminds Chinese Christians to take extra caution with overseas preachers, worrying that cults and heresies may sneak into the Chinese church if so many Christians think that "Foreign pastors give better sermons."

  • Church

    Reasons Why Young Christians Leave the Church

    It is noteworthy that there is a loss of believers in many churches even though the number of Christians in China has increased a lot. Here are some factors contributing to this issue.

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