Tuesday, March 02, 2021
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Pastor: We Should Have the Right Attitude When Listening to Online Sermons

This article summarized the happenings in the church after its activities were suspended and preaching had to be done using WeChat and live broadcast.
Ash Wednesday Marks Beginning of Lent Festival Ash Wednesday Marks Beginning of Lent Festival

Suzhou Church Starts Lenten Meditations

Since February 17, 2021, when the liturgy of Ash is celebrated, the Christian Church starts the traditional feast of Lent, also known as the Pre-Suffering Period.

Guangdong Union Theological Seminary Opens

Guangdong Union Theological Seminary’s teachers and students ushered in a new semester.
A palm pierced by a nail. A palm pierced by a nail.

Sunday Service: The Victory of Cross

By relying on Jesus and his crucifixion, Christians could overcome sin, the fear of death, the devil, the world, and the former self.

Interview: Contemporary Bible Teacher Dr. Bob Utley Says Laypersons Need to Read the Bible by Themselves as It is for Common People

Recently China Christian Daily interviews Professor Bob Utley a contemporary Bible teacher who is best known for his commentary series that covers the Old and New Testaments to share with us how to do hermeneutics and how lay people can benefit from that.
  • Big and small hands are raising up to worship God. Big and small hands are raising up to worship God.

    A Special Family Worship for New Year

    On the first day of the lunar new year, a Chinese Christian family of eight gathered together and held a particular family thanksgiving party, which was an unforgettable day.
  • A couple who are getting married A couple who are getting married

    Views of Christian Marriage Counselor on How Couples Get Along

    As a Chinese saying goes, “A man should get married on coming of age, and so should a girl.” When love reaches a certain stage, two people who love each other will naturally want to get married. But falling in love is easy, while living with another person is hard. After the end of the pandemic in 2020, there were long lines of couples waiting in front of civil affairs bureaus in a lot of provinces and cities for divorces. The daily trivialities during the period of domestic isolation become catalysts for divorce.
  • A pastor preaches a sermon. A pastor preaches a sermon.

    Regulations on Religious Personnel Issued, to Take Effect in May

    The regulations on religious personnel were released by the State Administration for Religious Affairs on February 9.
  • The members of a deaf fellowship led by Qu Ping(middle) The members of a deaf fellowship led by Qu Ping(middle)

    Understaffed, Online Deaf Ministry Reaches Out to Mass People

    After nearly four decades, the first complete Bible has been available in American Sign language for those in the deaf community to own a Bible in their heart language the first time ever, but any project on recording the entire Bible in sign language has not started in China. There is still much work to be done for the deaf ministry. "It was unrealistic for me alone to teach them the Bible as more deaf people in the countryside would come to Christ. Mature co-workers would not be developed in short terms because ordinary people would be trained for three to five years. The virtual pastoral ministry came to our mind," a committed worker said.
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