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- September 25, 2016 -

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Church of Xi'ning Shares Message of "Fruit of Faith"

On September 18, Gan'en Church of Xi'ning shared the message regarding the "fruit of faith" in three key points on the Sunday service in Qinghai.<br />


Reflection upon Mission done by Chinese Churches

Though mission is a lifestyle, living is never equivalent to doing mission. We need to drill deeper to explore our goal and legacy left before we go to heaven.<br /> <br />


Chinese Man Kills Korean Woman At A Catholic Church; Controlled By A Chip?

A Chinese man who was captured as a suspect for killing a Korean woman tried to argue that he was being controlled by a chip.


China's Favorite And Famous Tennis Table Player Ai Fukuhara Marries Chiang Hung Chieh

China's darling of the crowd and Japan's table tennis player star, Ai Fukuhara announced on Wednesday her marriage to fellow table tennis player, Chiang Hung Chieh.



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