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Church in South China Unites With Other Churches to Provide for Pastors

Currently, two churches work together to cover the cost of supporting a seminarian. Pastor Y said that the theological student will graduate next year, and the church will have another young preacher. The total number of believers in the two churches is about 100, and there are two elders and four preachers, so the pastoral team is still relatively large.
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Interview With American Scholar of Religion Naomi Thurston: Studying the Diversity of Christianity in China

Naomi Thurston, assistant professor of the Divinity School of Chung Chi College/Cultural and Religious Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and director of the China Christianity Studies Group (CCSG), talks about the diverse studies of Christianity in China, the related emerging academic field, and the sinicization of Christianity in an exclusive interview with China Christian Daily.
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Photos of New Semester Commencement Ceremonies in 9 Seminaries

Nine seminaries in China recently held opening ceremonies for the 2023–2024 fall semester.

Worship Revival Summit of Stream of Praise Music Ministries in Hong Kong

Stream of Praise (SOP) Music Ministries concluded the worship revival summit of their 2023 Asian Tour, themed "Revival," in Hong Kong.

Professor from Fudan University Illustrates Light of Classical Texts in Sinicization of Christianity

Professor Wang XinSheng from the School of Philosophy at Fudan University delivered a lecture themed “Comparison Among the Analects, Tao Te Ching, and Bible: The Light of Classical Texts in the Sinicization of Christianity.”

CCC&TSPM hosts The Third Session Training Course on Public Health and Safety in Guiyang

The China Christian Council (CCC) and the Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) initiated the third session of a training class on public health and safety in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, in southwestern China.

Speaker: Church Leaders, Transformation and Mutual Relations Matter More Than IQ and EQ

“Today, I don’t talk about IQ and EQ, but about TQ(transformation) and MQ(mutuality). Transformation quotient is the ability to update oneself, and mutuality quotient is about sharing, which are completely in line with the theme of our leadership summit,” said Dr. Evan Liu, director of the Chinese Servant Leadership Center.

What About the Children?

In the Nono district of Ethiopia's Oromia Regional State, a woman who survived ethnic violence and underwent trauma healing is now a volunteer helping other affected women, as a local church works on peacebuilding initiatives; however, concerns arise over children's exposure to violence and the need for support in addressing their trauma.

Hand Copying the Entire Bible During Three Years of Illness

The article recounts a patient's journey of faith amidst illness. For three years, she painstakingly copied the entire Bible while battling cancer with multiple rounds of treatments.

Story: From Pursuing Good Works to Receiving Free Grace

After years of seeking and through the revelation of truth, Yuan discovered that only by having faith in God can we find answers rather than by pursuing good works, as this pertains to the ultimate meaning of life.

With the Spiritual Lyre of Thousands of Years, We Call You, Holy Spirit of God

Pentecost is described as a mysterious and transcendent holiday that symbolizes the Holy Trinity and the presence of the Spirit of God, inviting people to tune their souls to the hymn of God, while emphasizing the importance of deep silence and attuning to the divine voice for spiritual purification and preparation for Pentecost.

Observation: Three Pastors Become Employees During Pandemic, Reflecting Decline and Transformation of Traditional Church

There are three brothers who were once influential pastors but have now taken on roles as migrant workers or street vendors. The transformative effects of the three-year pandemic have not only impacted their daily lives but have also altered social dynamics.

Christian Celebrity Steven Ma Attends Clown Association Activity Before Birthday

Steven Ma Chun Wai attended an activity to support a group of clowns.

Jeremy Lin's Wife Quotes Galatians to Encourage Him in Basketball Match

Jeremy Shu-how Lin, was encouraged by his wife with a Bible verse before playing his first basketball match for the Kaohsiung 17LIVE Steelers of the Plus League.