Sunday, June 07, 2020


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The rain falls down the eves. The rain falls down the eves.

Testimony: Full-time Housewife Gets Rid of Card Addiction, Works for God Diligently

Before following Christ, Nan Nan loved to play cards. Now abstain from the cards successfully, she has been involved in a ministry full-time. Thanks to her outstanding performance, she has been promoted to serve as the chairperson of the board committee of her church, in charge of finance.
Feng Wei Feng Wei

Love Turns Despair of Young Leukemia Patient into Hope

From 2016 to the present, Feng Wei has suffered from leukemia, but it feels as if he had has had the disease his whole lifetime. But now his medication has stopped, and he has regained 60%-70% of his original healthy state. Many stories in which love was shown to him turned the despair that this young 30-something man felt into hope.
A quadrangle in Beijing A quadrangle in Beijing

"Immanuel" from Beijing Hutongs

A Chinese Christian\'s passion for the life in Beijing hutongs and relate it to his Christian faith.
The prayer leaflets for women The prayer leaflets for women

Seminary Student Copies Christian “Prayer” Posters at Home

Brother Xia Bo, head of the church\'s young fellowship and undergraduate of Nanjing Union Theological Seminary, copies century-old Chinese Christian posters with painters.
Smartphone Smartphone

From Dependable on Phone to God: A Believer’s Change during Quarantined Time

Through the smartphone, I spent my lonely and boring days keeping in touch with my family, relatives and friends as well as brothers and sisters. However, my phone brought me troubles as I got lost in the online news from time to time. With more trending knowledge of the world, my trouble and anxiety increased.
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