Open Forum of Charity Law of PRC (Draft) Held in Nanjing

By the Amity FoundationNovember 25th, 2015

The Open Forum of Charity Law of PRC(Draft) was held in Nanjing University on Nov. 20. More than 80 representatives from the academia, legal circle, foundations, community social organizations, media, personal donors and volunteers attended the forum.

They discussed the following hot topics: whether to forbid personal fundraising or not, who works as the body of fundraising, whether the fundraising in microblog and wechat belongs to public fundraising or not, the articles in the Charity Law of PRC(Draft), etc. 

Li Li, the director of a children's center for public service and also a personal donor, expressed her opinion that it lacks constraints for dishonest personal recipients in China and thousands of personal donors hardly get help through law for most personal donation is small. She also held the point that donors require to know where their donations go doesn't mean they have no heart of love.(In 2011, two major scandals about donation happened so more attention is drawn on where donation goes.)

Zhong Ying, the senior lawyer of a law office in Shanghai believed that there should be clarification between public welfare and charity and the law should be made in the direction of encouraging and developing charity.

Besides, it's worth mentioning that four undergraduates from the universities in Nanjing and a student in grade three of a high school spoke in the forum as youth representatives. 

The speeches and their opinions will be organized as a feedback to the National People's Congress of PRC for reference.  

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