"Taylor Swift of China", Spanish TV Show Features Christian Pop Singer G.E.M

G.E.M (photo: G.E.M Facebook)
By Michelle GuanzonFebruary 9th, 2016

Looks like G.E.M is not just gem of Asia but of the world?

A local Spanish TV show has noticed G.E.M. and was even featured and introduced to audiences of Chile.

The singer-songwriter posted about it in her official Twitter account.

According to the video english translation, the show talks about G.E.M and her contribution to Asian Music. She was introduced as the "Taylor Swift" of China because of her popularity. The video shows her clips from "I am Singer", her concert tours and music videos. One of the hosts said that she sings Cantonese and Mandarin that is why she is now considered the "Queen of Pop" in China which is followed by more than 2 million on her social media accounts. The hosts even commends the Christian pop singer for being excellent in both Cantonese and Mandarin language. They are amazed as to the Westerners who knew the lyrics to her songs even though they are of Chinese language.

Meanwhile, G.E.M just recently posted a photo on her official Facebook account wherein she was featured in Raine Magazine. She shared her experiences and gives advices to aspiring singers in one of the pages of the magazine.  

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