How One Brother Saved Himself and Five Others From a Cult

By Josiah Li, March 08, 2018 08:03 AM

Brother Chen

People who go astray into cults and heresies are usually difficult to get out. However, Brother Chen, who was misled into believing "mentuhui" not only walked out of it, but helped five others find the true faith in the meantime. We met Chen, who is now retired, while visiting churches in Yiyang, Hunan before Spring Festival. He shared his experience in the cult and endeavors saving other members.

Five months as a "Mentuhui" member

When retired impaired Chen was recuperating in his home in 2005, a woman in her 40s visited his home and preached a "gospel" to him. Because Chen's parents were both Christians he didn't dislike Christianity. He then prayed the Sinner's Prayer with this woman.

"The prayer was mostly about repentance, admitting and believing that it is salvation," recalled Chen.

After the Sinner's Prayer, Chen never missed the meetings. Since he was alone at home, his place became a "meeting place" for "Mentuhui."

According to Chen, the service was once a week and it was very similar to Christianity with singing hymns, prayers, and preaching. What impressed him most was that some songs used folk melody, they prayed in the name of "Mentuhui," and though they read the same Bible as Christians, they had their own interpretation.

"Mentuhui" is also called "Er-liang-liang." It literally means that believers were allowed to eat 100 grams of grains. In addition, believers can't take medicine when they're sick. Though some believers he knew insist on eating like this, he didn't do it, said Chen.

Regarding whether believers should take medicine or not, Chen once asked a preacher who told him it depends on individual's faith: those who have "faith" don't need medicine, and vice-versa.

Chen saw one member with cancer; however, other people insisted the sick member was punished by God because of sin.

During those five months, Chen was highly valued by the cult after he wrote an article praising "Mentuhui." They also expected him to help proclaiming the cult.

Leaving the cult decisively

After nearly six months as a "Mentuhui" member, Chen's daughter-in-law read an article on a magazine saying "Mentuhui" was cult. Chen immediately contacted a friend who knew well about religions as well as pastors from local churches. After confirming his doubt, Chen broke ties with them.

However, when members of "Mentuhui" learned that Chen started going to a Christian church, they tried to persuade him again and again. At first, it was just one person, then four or five people together.

"There were several groups of people telling me that I wouldn't be saved because I chose the wrong path," said Chen. He didn't argue with them. When they saw his determination, they finally gave up.

Saving five members from the cult

In order to redeem more members, Chen worked hard studying the Bible, looking up materials, and communicating with members of "Mentuhui." He wrote an article, quoting a lot of Bible verses to proof its fallacies.

According to Chen, the most difficult person to redeem was a retired teacher, Wang. She graduated from university and was an outstanding model teacher who joined "Mentuhui" one year before Chen.

Chen kept praying for her and communicating with her. It took five years for her to finally leave "Mentuhui." She joined the Christian church with three former members. Now, they still go to Christian churches and Wang even became a preacher.

What Chen thinks of local members of "Mentuhui"

"They truly believe, just in the wrong object. They're good people that went astray," this is the general opinion Chen has for the local members of "Mentuhui." He thinks they made a directional mistake.

Chen gave an example to show that they're nice people.

When the members of "Mentuhui" learned he was impaired, two volunteer workers spent a day helping him with cleaning his clothes, bedding, and shoes. They even put them away when they were dry as well as helped clean the house.

When the local members of "Mentuhui" knew Chen would never come back, they didn't have conflicts with him. They still say nice things about him when they meet.

Chen really expects all the lost sheep in "Mentuhui" will soon return to Jesus Christ.

"Mentuhui" was founded in Yaoxian County, Tongchuan City, Shaanxi in 1989 by Ji Sanbao, a farmer. The core doctrines of Mentuhui are as follows: Ji Sanbao is the incarnation of Jesus who came to save the world. Ji represents the third occasion of salvation; with the first one being Noah's Ark and the second one being the crucifixion of Jesus. Ji was sentenced for seven years by the government in March 1992 and released early in June 1997. In the same year, Ji died from a car accident in Shaanxi on Dec. 12.

In Nov. 1995, the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council released a notice which clearly identified "Mentuhui" as a cult. (Baidu Encyclopedia)

-Translated by Grace Hubl

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