New Shanghai Church Holds Cornerstone Laying Ceremony

By Zhou Jing (from Shanghai Christianity), May 05, 2018 07:05 AM

On April 20, 2018, the foundation stone laying ceremony of Shanghai Chongzhu Church was held. (Wechat account: Shanghai Christianity )

The design drawing for new Chongzhu Church(Wechat account: Shanghai Christianity )

On April 20, 2018,  the cornerstone laying ceremony of Shanghai Chongzhu Church was held.

With a total construction area of 3,671 square meters (0.9 acres), the new church will consist of a big sanctuary, a small one, and an annex. The cross will be its motif symbol. It will serve as the general church for the parishioners in Chongming District.

According to the CCC&TSPM, the current church is located in Xiaogang Village, Zhoujia Lane, Chengqiao Town, Chongming County. In 1921, Rev. Yu Shizhu, sent by the Southern Methodist Episcopal Church of the USA, preached in Chongming District. One year later he established the first church named "Chongdao Church". The church was closed in 1957 and reopened in 1980. A new church was built in 1991 and named "Chongzhu Church". 

- Translated by Karen Luo

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