Beijing Pastor: The Church Should Be A golden Lampstand That Illuminate The World

By Issachar Li, August 11, 2015 14:08 PM

The senior pastor Liu Cuimin of Beijing Chongwenmen Church

In the book of Revelation, the seven churches in Asia are analogized seven golden lampstands. Why to use the golden lampstand analogies the church? The senior pastor Liu Cuimin explained at the Sunday Service in Chongwenmen church of Beijing that the golden lampstand is made of a pure gold, it symbolizes God's love for church, the church's unity, and the affection that the church should light on this dark world.

The earliest mention of golden lampstand in the Bible is in the Exodus 25:31-40, the Israelites put it in the tabernacle when they were in the wildness. The lampstand is the consecrated stuff in the tabernacle, it was designed by God's hand, and it was made of a gold.

Pastor Liu explained that, pure gold represents the majesty and glory of the King, it is symbolized God's majesty and glory, and it also reveals the essence of church's holy and the value of the church. The golden lampstand symbolizes God's love for the church, and God's love for the church can be revealed by God's love for each brother and sister who follow Jesus Christ.

Jesus told us, we are the light of this world, so each of us should take this responsibility. We should light on for the Lord in each aspect in our daily life. Pastor Liu encouraged all the congregations to take this responsibility, and also said that this is the value of a Christian. 

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