Christian Actress Yuan Li: Human Life Is More Precious, Pneumoconiosis Patients Are Yearn For Social Attention

By Jingqian Xu, August 12, 2015 10:08 AM

Christian Actress Yuan Li

Lately the famous Chinese Christian actress Yuan Li described visiting and donating for the pneumoconiosis patients in a volunteer team in an interview. After she saw the miserable and poor life of the pneumoconiosis patients, she felt that human life is more precious than anything else and advocated that the society should pay much attention and help this vulnerable group of people.

Pneumoconiosis is a kind of disease due to the fibrosis of the lung. Being in places full of dust and trash, the pneumoconiosis patients inhale a large amount of dust every day, resulting in the accumulation of dust in alveolar under the Peripheral bronchi. After a while, there is focal fibrosis in the lung. Pneumoconiosis is irreversible and the lung of the patients gradually hardens until respiratory insufficiency, resulting in death eventually. For those who get terminal pneumoconiosis, only oxygen generator can ease their suffering."Only when you feel it for yourself, you can understand the pain of the pneumoconiosis patients. Our hearts are bleeding when we see those who have difficulty breathing. " she said.

The China Social Assistance Foundation, the foundation of the Charity Fund of Love Save Pneumoconiosis, originated from the Love Save Pneumoconiosis--saving and caring for the Chinese pneumoconiosis peasants activity advocated by the famous journalist Kejian Wang combined with China Social Assistance Foundation on the 15th of June, 2011, is specially used to treat, help and care for the 6 million pneumoconiosis peasants who are struggling on the verge of death. Charity Fund of Love Save Pneumoconiosis is approved by the China Social Assistance Foundation to be an independent fund with the support of some media organizations such as Sina, Tencent, Sohu Public Welfare, Ali-pay Welfare and Tianya Welfare in March 2012. 

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