You Are the Light of the World, Song for preachers, created by China’s Songbird, Lv Xiao Min

By Ruth Wang, December 15, 2015 07:12 AM

Lu Xiao Min

Lv Xiao Min, a Christian Songwriter, published a new song You Are the Light of the World as the writer and composer on Nov. 24, 2015.

Different from before, the song is only written and composed by Xiao Min, ansimple peasant girl born in a Muslim family in 1970 while made by a Christian couple and sung by a sister. The similarity remains that it carries the continuous enthusiasm Xiaomin has for preaching the gospel. It is specialized for Chinese preachers.

The song talks about foreign and Chinese preachers called by the Lord who leave their familiar homelands, happy families and friends then step on the distant land to preach the gospel. Conveying that the seed of life will definitely grow, it says that preachers are the light of the world who sacrifice themselves, illuminating China。

Xiaomin, born in Henan, quit the middle school. One day her aunt preached the gospel to her out in the field and she became a Christian. She never studied in a music school. "I never study music and the staff or stave. Now I can't write the staff nor numbered musical notation. I can only read them." But God uses the simple woman and grants her the talent of writing hymns.

Until now, Xiaomin, or Sister Ruth, has 1669 songs in her collection "Cannan Hymns". Her famous songs include "My Most Understanding Friend", "Lord, Give Me a Heart" and "Five o'clock in the morning in China", inspiring many Chinese Christians to run for preaching the gospel of Jesus.

Her unique ministry is also one part of her testimonies. In her testimony meetings, she witnesses one of God's work on her firstly then sings a song which is created on that particular experience that brings her the inspiration.

In recent years, Xiao Min tries new forms in the creation and performance. On Jan. 25, before the Chinese Spring Festival, the theme song of the short video "The Image of Love" made by Shu Fang, a Christian musician, was sung by Xiao Min. The video reminded people to stay with their parents in the festival and urged Christians to influence the world with the culture of Jesus. 

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