Chinese copes up to Air pollution crisis

By Michelle Guanzon, January 30, 2016 03:01 AM

A prayer for clear air(ChristianTimes)

China suffers continuously with the air pollution crisis which persuade more Chinese to seek options to cope up with it.

According to Forbes, those Chinese that are part of rich classes numbered 15.28 million last year will most likely migrate abroad to escape the polluted air in China. In addition to it, Hurun Report last 2014 that 64% of Chinese people who have more than $1.6 million to their names will be moving abroad or have moved already. Food safety and pollution are the two most reason of this occurrence.

“If environmental degradation continues, mid- and upper-income class (as well as low-income but younger age groups) will inevitably move abroad. This resembles the immigration wave during wartime. No one can stop it, because the need for security is the basic need of human beings,” said Chinese economist Dingding Wang. 

Increasing numbers of middle-class to rich Chinese are considering the option of moving to less-developed part of China or leave the country due to the pollution crisis. Others have already bought real estates in western Yunnan province and Hainan Island. Others bought houses in Jeju Island, Korea and Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The heavy haze has made Chinese to purchase these real estates due to some Chinese cities are now less suitable for living.

Some Chinese who can’t afford to leave the country has adopted practical methods to deal with the current situation. Offices, cars, restaurants have electronic air cleaners set up for people. Some put on masks that are imported abroad and change them regularly.

While others are setting measures to cope up with the air pollution crisis, some Chinese completely ignore the haze due to financial reasons. Cab drivers, express delivery men and cleaning workers endure exposure to air pollution just to keep their jobs. 

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