“I Compose Hymns By Prayers”, Xiao Min, Composer of Canaan Hymns Shared Her Story

By Ruth Wang, February 06, 2016 02:02 AM

Lu Xiao Min

A newly released video shows that Xiaomin, who paid her first visit to Taiwan in 2015 to participate in the Singing Blessings Concert, shared her story with brothers and sisters in Taiwan and with several hymns, she witnessed God's work in her life.

The concert aimed to promote original hymns and gathered many Christian entertainers, such as Huang Guolun, Fan Weiqi, Wang Hongen, Tai Zhengxiao, Shi Xiaorong, etc. Rev. Kou Shaoen and Rev. Zhou Shenzhu also attended the concert to encourage more Chinese Christian to engage in composing hymns.

Rev. Zhou Shenzhu from Taiwan gave a general introduction about Xiaomin's achievements in ministry. As a simple peasant woman, Xiaomin had composed 1681 hymns, many of which were very popular among Chinese believers. Xiaomin came to Taiwan for a physical examination and happened to be invited to this concert. 

At the concert, Xiaomin told everyone that she had to quit the middle school because of her poor health condition. One day her aunt preached the gospel to her and she determined to come to church. After many prayers her sinusitis and stomach disease were healed by God.

Many years have been passed since she wrote her first hymn. She has been asked by many brothers and sisters that by what she could compose so many hymns. Her answer was that by prayers, reading Bible, preaching the gospel, loving and getting close to the Lord. One day, she was moved by the Holy Spirit when praying and composed the famous hymn Five O'clock in the Morning in China. In fact she sticks to the habit of praying at five o'clock in every morning.

She remembered that God had once promised her one day her hymns would be broadcast and everyone would hear them. Now the promise had been fulfilled. Compared with other professional Christian entertainers, her singing was by no means graceful. She never studied in a music school and it was God who made it! 

Several years ago, one of her hymns The River of Life was chosen as the theme song of the famous film Back to 1942. During the filming, Mr. Feng Xiaogang, the director of the film went to Henan, Xiaomin's hometown, and interviewed some Christians, who survived in famines. He asked them," What helped you to make it through those terrible days?" One brother answered," We believe in Jesus." Mr. Feng then asked him," What's the profit of believing in Jesus?" He answered," We can enter the heavenly kingdom. We can survive even by drinking cool water."

At this moment, this brother sang the hymn the River of Life:

The rive of life, the river of joy
Slowly flows into my heart.
I will sing a song, a heavenly song,
All the dark clouds and worries vanish away.

Mr. Feng's heart was deeply touched by this hymn. Later it was recomposed and sung by Miss Yao Beinan. The beautiful melody and affecting lyrics moves more and more people.

Xiaomin also shared the story behind other two hymns: A Warm Heart and My Most Intimate Friend. At last, she blessed brothers and sisters in Taiwan and wished that all people became God's blessed children.

During this visit, Xiaomin composed her 1,682nd hymn: Bless you, Taiwan. In fact, she often prayed for brothers and sisters in Taiwan when she was in Mainland China.

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