China, US Will Not Accept North Korea As A Nuclear Weapons State

By Michelle Guanzon, February 26, 2016 01:02 AM

North Korea(Pixabay)

China and the United States have agreed upon the UN resolution on North Korea but will not accept Pyongyang as the nuclear weapons state.

This was the statement provided by the White House on Wednesday, February 24.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and US National Security Advisor Susan Rice have agreed during a meeting "on the importance of a strong and united international response to North Korea's provocations, including through a UN Security Council resolution that goes beyond previous resolutions," it has said in a statement released.

"They agreed that they will not accept North Korea as a nuclear weapons state," said the statement from National Security Council spokesman Ned Price.

Price further said that US President Barack Obama has attended the meeting "to underscore his interest in building a durable, constructive, and productive US-China relationship." Furthermore, he said that the US president is looking forward to welcoming the Chinese President Xi Jinping to a March 31-April 1 nuclear security summit in Washington and "working together towards its success."

Diplomats have already mentioned earlier that Beijing and Washington had agreed already on a draft resolution imposing sanctions on North Korea and the Security Council voted the measure in the next days.

The draft was circulated to France, Britain and Russia and is already set to be presented to other 15 members of the council, according to a report.

"There is good progress on the resolution and we are hopeful that there will be an adoption in the coming days," one of the council diplomats said.

To recall, the negotiations on draft resolution started when North Korea carried out their fourth nuclear test last month and claimed that it was just a thermonuclear device.

After North Korea had carried out again its rocket launch recently last February 6, the Security Council renewed their pledge to implement new sanctions to Pyongyang.

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