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Pastors‘ Suggestion:Here's How to Prepare for Easter

Pastors‘ Suggestion:Here's How to Prepare for Easter

The Cross The Cross(pixabay.com)
ByAlice Hu February 26, 2016
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In the year 2016, Easter Sunday will fall on March 27th. Easter is an important holiday for Christians to remember the resurrection of Jesus. Before its coming, many Christians don’t know how to prepare themselves for it. Some pastors give their practical suggestions from several Chinese churches. 

Rev. Piao Guifeng (Panjin Church, Liaoning) suggests that Good Friday is as important as Easter. If you don't observe Good Friday, Easter becomes a regular holiday. It is easy to lose the spiritual meaning of the holiday when you ignore its content.

Believers should meditate on the path of the cross the Lord had walked through during the Holy Week, says Piao. They can have their daily devotions, but need to follow the season of the church year. When churches stress on the significance of resurrection, believers can understand more deeply what sufferings and resurrection are.

Rev. Wang (Jinan Church, Shandong) tells CCD that the congregation gathers every day in Lent. The church arranges sermons and choruses, devoting them to God in the form of services. Many members gain a lot by gathering together to thank for His salvation and repent their sins.

He says, "Although in the Lent, the church cancels the regular services, but it is more meaningful because believers commemorate the sufferings of Jesus Christ together." 

Rev. Gao (Hailaer Church, Inner Mongolia) advises that Christians should pay attention to the way of celebrating Easter. Hailaer Church opens a Bible study for new believers at the period between Christmas to Easter. There are also daily services including sermons, choruses, Biblical plays and baptism until the Holy Week. They are visible and needed. 

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