Linfen Church Trains Preachers and Deacons, Shanxi

By Linfen Church, March 08, 2016 03:03 AM

Trainings for preachers and deacons, Linfen Church, Shanxi(Linfen Church )

From February 29 to March 5, Linfen Church held trainings for more than 400 preachers and deacons from every parish in the city with the theme "Refresh life, Watch and Wait & Love the Lord Deeper", Shanxi.

The trainings involve the main courses named "the Powerful Gospel", "May Your Kingdom Come" and "Eschatology". Considering that the pastoral staff lack the consciousness of visions and responsibility and the current situation of heresies and cults, the church arranged the specialized courses "Calling and Serving" and "How to Identify and Resist Heresies and Cults". It also invited local leaders to teach the courses including "China's Current Politics and Legislations".

As a tradition of Linfen Church for many years, the opening of the trainings in the first month of the Chinese calendar symbolizes the starting of the church nurture ministry in 2016 as well. During the trainings, the nurture team of Linfen Church was set up in order to alleviate the inadequacy of the service and training work among the local churches and gathering places.  

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