'Meituan' and 'Eleme' Delivery Apps Contributes To Booming China's Food Industry, Now Crackingdown?

By Michelle Guanzon, March 18, 2016 22:03 PM

'Meituan' and 'Eleme' Delivery Apps Contributes To Booming China's Food Industry, Now Crackingdown?(Photo: Pixabay)

It has been reported that China's food delivery apps market is becoming famous since last year. Thanks to apps like "Meituan", "Baidu Takeout" and "Eleme", ordering and eating food in China is now very easy. However, some of the China's famous food apps are under observation as Chinese media exposed the apps are illegally selling food from very unqualified vendors.

"Eleme" and "Meituan" are those said food apps that are under scrutiny now. These two apps allow users to order any food they like from pizza, chocolates, to sushi and dimsum. Aside from the food ordering capability of the app, users can buy beverages, alcohol, medicine, face masks and even sex toys.

People's Daily and the Reuters report that these two apps were involved in illegal business by selling food from unqualified and unlicensed restaurants.

Local restaurants knew that they can apply to sell their good through the popular apps. It has been an appealing way to vendors to make money but is reportedly invisible to authorities for illegal activities.

The food and drug administration in Chengdu and shanghai stated that they already initiated an investigation for the two apps. Aside from this, authorities will be ching the different food order platforms in capital.

Meanwhile, the vice president of Eleme, Guo Guangdong apologized and promised to take measures with the serious incident.

On Weibo, one netizen called Black Mad Devil Tang Official writes:

"Such a lousy app like Eleme shouldn't be allowed to exist! The delivery guy was already halfway to bring me a salad and still it takes two hours with him calling me every other minute to ask for directions, are your delivery staff crawling their way to my house or what? He's not only slow, but he first calls me to tell me he'll be there in half an hour, and then five minutes later he calls me again to tell me it'll take another 20 minutes, are your delivery guys like ticking time bombs?!"

One user  said: "Instead of 'Hungry Now?' they should change their name to 'I'm Starving'."

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