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New rules for Shenzhen's Express Vehicles

New rules for Shenzhen's Express Vehicles

Shenzen starts crackdown on illegal electric tricycles Shenzen starts crackdown on illegal electric tricycles(China Daily)
ByMei Manuel April 14, 2016
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According to Shenzhen's traffic police, they will be imposing several measures that would regulate electric tricycles in the province which threatens road safety and adds to the problem of traffic.

New measures would be identified with regards to the use of electric tricycles for express services after the announcement of a national technical requirement for vehicles. According to Xu Wei of the Shenzhen traffic police, "Electric tricycles for express delivery services can be used on designated roads at specified times if they meet the national technical requirements."

Based on the draft released Monday by the State Post Review, delivery tricycles must not be more than 1 meter wide, 3 meters long and 1.4 meters high. It must also have a maximum payload of 180 kilograms, excluding the weight of the driver. Each tricycle used for deliveries must also have a sign saying "express" and it can only run 15km/h.

This new measures would help ensure that urban traffic can be reduced and reduce the threat from unlicensed or substandard tricycles used for express deliveries. Since the campaign started in Shenzhen to confiscate illegal electric bikes and tricycles, at least 18,000 unlicensed or illegal electric bikes were confiscated by the authorities and 60 of them from the express service sector.

Additional measures would also be placed to add 5,000 tricyclces to the current quota of 13,000 registered electric bikes allowed for express deliveries and a mobile management system that would be placed on these delivery tricycles.

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