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New Seminary Chapel Dedicated, Baoshan, Yunnan

New Seminary Chapel Dedicated, Baoshan, Yunnan

The dedicatin ceremony of Gan'en Chapel The dedicatin ceremony of Gan'en Chapel(Pastor Xu)
ByYi Yang April 19, 2016
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BAOSHAN, Yunnan - Baoshan Christian Gan'en Chapel held the dedication ceremony on April 12, 2016 after the expansion to accommodate more than 600 local seminary students and believers. It was estimated that 1500 people attended it.

It is said that Gan'en Chapel, established in 2005 as the chapel of Baoshan Bible School of the Nations, had the weekly attendance at about 40. Now the school enrolls 30 new students every year and local believers are increasing. Currently, the new chapel can hold 1200. 

However, it was full of challenges of funds during the chapel enlargement while s lot of graduates gave donations on hearing the news.

Directly subordinate to the seminary, Gan'en Chapel  bears the burden of the worship need of the whole school staff  and is open to local Christians and seekers.  

And the school, the only three-year seminary in the west of Yunnan,  mainly serves minority students in alpine regions of Yunnan Province so as to support the development of minority churches. 

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