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China Advisory for 'Descendants Of The Sun" Fans, Viewers- "Beware of Song Joong Ki!"

China Advisory for 'Descendants Of The Sun" Fans, Viewers- "Beware of Song Joong Ki!"

Song Joong Ki - JEJU AIR (Making CF) Song Joong Ki - JEJU AIR (Making CF)(Screenshot from Video credits to funjejuair)
ByMichelle Guanzon May 03, 2016
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Anyone can't help the popularity of "Descendants of the Sun" as well as the main characters Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki. Thus, because of its outrageous popularity specifically in China, the public advisory warns its fans and viewers to be aware of the Korean actor Song Joong Ki.

In Weibo, China's public safety page posted on March 12 saying, "Korean drama fans beware! Alert of hidden harm in 'Descendants of the Sun'. Females in Korea and China are love sick from Song Joong Ki. It is leading to a great amount of complaints by males." The post continued, "Watching Korean dramas is more 'dangerous' than you think. You can end up facing lawsuits."

This might be exaggerated to some but according to a report, there are actually serious marital issues and divorce in China. Mostly, the cause is due to the husband's jealousy to their wives exaggerated love to the "Descendants of the Sun" main actor Song Joong Ki.

Another case is that more people have now undergone through plastic surgery just to look more like the 30-year-old actor.

This reports have claimed that the fame of the Korean drama"Descendants of the Sun" has turned Joong Ki into a "dangerous" celebrity.

For the record, he is currently the China's "Most Popular Celebrity."

It is really true as the "Song Joong Ki syndrome" is spreading fast and wide, not only in China  or Asia but to all over the countries of this world. All fans and viewers, "Beware of Song Joong Ki!"



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