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New Megachurch Building Built in Fuzhou, With Century-Old History

New Megachurch Building Built in Fuzhou, With Century-Old History

The current site of Huaxiang Church The current site of Huaxiang Church
ByYi Yang May 19, 2016
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The newest addition to the Huaxiang(Flower Lane) Church in Fuzhou, Fujian is set to open at the end of the year for its 20,000 parishioners.

The construction started in 2015 as part of the 100th founding anniversary of the church. It's the first Methodist church built within the walled city of Fuzhou, western missionaries appointed by the Methodist Episcopal Church purchased the field the church currently stands and gave it as a gift to the church in 1915. The local pastor was tasked to lead the efforts in organizing the church. Eventually, the church was dedicated in the spring of that same year with facilities like a reading room, a library, two kindergartens for boys and girls and the provincial CCC&TSPM branch. In that same year, the first baptism service was held in September.

Currently, the Church stands in the center of the city and covers 4546.8 square meters with a gothic-style tower that spans around 16 meters. In September 2003, the Church regained control over the kindergartens from the authorities. By 2015, the Church covers 11 ministries with 1,000 volunteers aiding the Church for 6,500 Sunday service attendees - which is divided into three services to cater to everyone. There are also fellowships for different ages and occupations. Social services are also provided by the Church such as visiting and aiding the disabled and the elderly, providing aid for the poor and conducting disaster relief efforts, bazaars and free medical clinics as part of their creed to become the light and salt of the society.

The church's construction project would cover 7,500 square meters with 2 underground floors and a structure that can handle an excellent pipe organ.


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