Christian Testimony: God Saved My Husband from Death

By CCD Contributor: Janet, July 14, 2016 03:07 AM

Sister Chu and her husband in the hospital

I was moved by the story of a sister who used a hymn to express how she witness God's deliverance when her family experienced hardship. That sharing through the hymn reflected her firm faith from the heart in the Lord. 

The sister is named Chu Fuying, a devout Christian in Guozhuang Church situated in District Hanting, Weifang, Shandong.

She showed the characters a Christian should have before every adversity.

Overcome the unexpected disaster by depending on the Lord's care

A startling news like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky came to Chu on the morning of June 20 saying that her husband was knocked by a four-wheel lorry on his way from the office, flying more than ten meters away from the lorry.

Shocked by this news, Chu suddenly sat on the ground, thinking how she would handle the family with her in-laws already 70 years old and four young children if her husband died. 

The unexpected disaster made matters worse for the poor family.

Her husband was sent into ICU (intensive care unit) of the local hospital with the help of a kind-hearted person.

Seeing him unconscious and covered in blood, she thought of the Lord Jesus instead of getting into pain and giving up. Since Jesus healed so many diseases in his lifetime and a lot of members have been healed in the church, she would depend on God for she believed in Him.

Knowing that it was not enough to pray by herself, the clever woman told her experience to all the urban churches in the district and ask them to pray for her husband.

God heard the prayer.

Her husband woke up after three days. 

Then, in front of people,  she gave the glory to God by kneeling on the hospital corridor.

Obedient to God before the environment 

No complaint was heard when I communicated with her. Each word she spoke revealed her gratitude to God.

But, a number of people were wracked with fear upon knowing the situation that he had as he needed to undergo a second craniotomy. 

Meanwhile, the church intended to raise funds to cover the expensive medical expense for Chu's husband. 

Upon learning this plan, she refused the proposal and said that she owed her brothers and sisters so much already for their continous prayers, plus other churches and individuals had given donations to her constantly since the accident happened.

She added that she believed God would be more merciful to her and make her husband healthy again even though there was not enough money. Everything would be well as long as he was alive. She said the Lord wouldn't forsake her as she was a vessel.

Full of grace in suffering

Her family took a stand against her faith since Sister Chu became a Christian.

The father-in-law, who burned incense led the followers to build temples, was strongly against her faith. He claimed that many gods would bless him considering that a lot of incense was burnt and many temples were built by him. He had no idea that there is only a true God.

Chu had no choice, but prayed for them.

She shared that God granted her the grace which helped her in her trying times even though the accident had brought huge difficulties to her family. Her in-laws witnessed their son barely escaping with his life from death with their own eyes.

It moved them more that Jesus revealed his love through their children.

Her father-in-law said with disgrace that those idols he worshipped for decades had brought no help to him and none of his religious friends appeared since his son got into the accident.

He came to realize that what he did in the past was unwise through his son's accident and he smashed all the images of idols he previously worshipped then was baptized into Christianity with his spouse.

Now, he tells anyone he meets that it's good to believe in Jesus. He never suffered from appendicitis after the baptism.

Sister Chu feels very grateful that God chose her family to spread his message despite the fact her husband suffered from the accident. It was an honor that they consider very priceless. She thanks God for hearing her prayer for the family and for his protection for the past years, giving glory to God every day.

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