Taiwan Chinese Christian Association Visits Ji'nan Church

By Yetta Yao, July 14, 2016 03:07 AM

Taiwan Chinese Christian Association Visits Ji'nan Church (Ji'nan CCC&TSPM)

A three-man Taiwanese delegation - including Rev. Wei Tixiang, the chairman of Taiwan Chinese Christian Association - has visited the church in Ji'nan - including Jingsi Road Church, the largest local church - on Juky 6.

Zhao Keyu, the director of the social service department of the provincial CCC&TSPM, appreciated and praised Rev. Wei's efforts to promote cross-strait communication and support for the 1992 Consensus in the Christianity community, according to the CCC&TSPM.

Both sides also discussed about the nature of philanthrophy ministry carried out by both churches and their respective church ministries during the visit.

In the end, the director accepted the invitation offered by Wei that calls for the local church to visit Taiwan as a group.

A few weeks earlier, on June 27 to July 3, a delegation from the church of Shanghai visited the churches in Taiwan and other institutions including the Chinese Christian Cross-Strait Communication Association, Grace Taibei Baptist Church, Dandelion Hope Foundation, The Church in Taibei, Miracle Top Church and New Life Church.

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