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'Doctors' Korean Drama Focuses On Finding Courage For Personal Growth And Love (Review)

'Doctors' Korean Drama Focuses On Finding Courage For Personal Growth And Love (Review)

Doctors Korean Drama Doctors Korean Drama(Screengrab from Youtube)
ByMichelle Guanzon July 22, 2016
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SBS's "Doctors" starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Woon is currently reigning over the primetime drama slot every Mondays and Tuesdays. The romantic drama settings is in the medical world that reveals a story of a woman and a man who overcome their childhood struggles to achieve their personal dreams for other reasons. Ha Myung Hee of "High Society" wrote the script and the drama is directed by Oh Choong Hwan of "My Love From The Star".

It is a drama about personal growth and the effects of genuine love and finding courage to find and fulfill both.

Yoo Hye Jung played by Park Shin Hye is a delinquent teenager. Her story unfolds in a way that allows us to see her growth from the pessimistic apathetic and aggressive youth to a woman being determined as a doctor and professional.

Kim Rae Woon plays Hong Ji Hong character who comes from an affluent family and chose to be a high school teacher rather than his profession as a doctor. He serves as an encouragement for Hye Jung in her earlier days. He is considered as a good teacher but his character suggests there are subjects he avoids like the idea of being adopted child and being an orphan.

Aside from the impressive production staff and leading stars, the drama also features accomplished ensemble supporting characters.

Yoon Kyun Sang plays the role of Jung Yoon Do who is intellectual and blunt. At first, he hates Hye Jung but eventually falls in love with her because of her personality. His quirky personality makes him the comedic relief.

Lee Sung Kyung wraps up the romantic quadrangle. She is a hardworking wealthy classmate named Jin Seo Woo. Eventually, they turned out to be from best buddies to worst enemies. Both Hye Jung and Se Woo share many differences but because of hate and bitterness they always clash.

The show has aired 10 episodes already and in so far, audiences can see the struggles in each of the character and how it needs to be developed as a character. Many people are already impressed by how the cast portrays the raw human emotions while not forgetting to give a dash of romantic side.

The main plot could be a teacher-student relationship but it is more than that. Viewers may be really hook with this drama as each of the characters show unique reality qualities wherein many people could relate into and in this case even go with the character or go against one character or two. The characters in this drama are multidimensional hence; audience cannot categorize them as good or bad.

With the positive reviews, there is no doubt why "Doctors" has great viewership.  It just prove it's a drama with unique, amazing plot with moral lessons to provide.

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