Japan Bible Society Congrats the Publication of Manga Bible in China, Expecting Further Cooperation with CN church

Rev. Watabe Nobu visites the Chinese church
1/2Rev. Watabe Nobu visites the Chinese church
Inside of the Manga Bible (English edition)
2/2Inside of the Manga Bible (English edition)
By Yetta YaoJuly 27th, 2016

The Japan Bible Society(JBS), including Rev. Watabe Makoto, the general secretary, visited the Chinese CCC&TSPM, accompanied by Ke Wei, the director of the China Partnership of United Bible Society (UBS CP), on July 21, 2016.

CCC&TSPM reports that both sides agree on the manga Bible which has been published in China as a result of the mutual cooperation. 

Elder Fu Xianwei, the chairman of TSPM, invited the Japanese church to visit Chinese church. Rev. Watebe makoto hopes to take the native co-workers to travel to China next year. 

According to the official website of UBS CP, the UBS partnership with the Chinese Church came about when top leaders of the China Christian Council (CCC) had a vision of printing and distributing Chinese Bibles in China. This massive historical project became possible due to the coordinated fund-raising efforts of 37 member Bible Societies and two UBS Regional Centers

In 1988, the Amity Printing Company Ltd (APC) was formed through a joint venture agreement between Amity Foundation and the UBS Publishing Co Ltd. UBS donated the much-needed Bible paper and funding to enable millions of Bibles to be printed and  distributed throughout China.

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