Pastor from Asia, Africa and Latin America Talks About Reasons Why Western Church Decline

By Ruth Wang, August 11, 2016 04:08 AM

The church and the world

Recently, a white native pastor from the Asian, African and Latin American region, who engages in the global disciplemaking ministry, stated that there are many problems in the Western church, sharing its features and analyzing the reason why it declines in a pastoral session.

First, he talks about the pattern of the Western church, describing it with a drawing:

Drawing 1

He said that God is calling Christians all over the world. In the drawing, the house represents a church where we find Christians; but most of the time, they're waiting for the preaching to delivered by pastors.

They go and build churches with all-side walls and a tall spire, but he feels that the Western church resembles this: the Christians hope that pastors feed them with spiritual food with the expectation that pastors must supply every believer with spiritual bread.

Then, they receive information one or the other in the church. But the church is smaller, then what is the reason why remains despite the decline? He continues that because the Lord Jesus Christ said that go and make disciples of all nations.

He gives another drawing and explains that the circle refers to the world and the church is in the world, warning the Christians not to face each other, but to face the world.

They should pray for the world and they receive teachings that should be passed to the world. They receive the Holy Spirit and the Spirit passes the message of God to the world, so they could reach people unsaved.

"When you go and make disciples, the church grows." He concludes. 

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