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The Oldest Christian Church in Wuhan, Chongzhen Church of Wuchang

The Oldest Christian Church in Wuhan, Chongzhen Church of Wuchang

Chongzhen Church of Wuchang,Wuhan Chongzhen Church of Wuchang,Wuhan(Jiang rain lane Blog)
ByYetta Yao August 23, 2016
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Taking metro Line 2 to the A2 Exit in Pangxiexia station, walking to Yunhualinggejiaying which house number is 44, that is the WuChang Christian Church. It is the oldest Christian church in Wuhan, China.

Since 1864, the Church has been completed and in use. After experiencing natural and artificial destroy during the past 140 years, it has been reserved as a place of worship which is necessity for surrounding Christians.

The church was subordinated to Church of Christ in China. The whole object space is a flat Latin cross single-deck Gothic architecture, it has pointed arch, which can hold 400 people worshiping here.

On 21st, June, 1861, the British Christian Congregationalists London Missionary Society pastor, Griffith John, came to Hankou to preach. In 1864, Griffith John host and established the Christian Chongzhen church in Wuchang Tanhualin block's Gejiaying. This church has its special meaning in Wuhan's religion history.

After that, although there were continuous foreign missionaries, the leading pastor was always the Chinese resident, which is the meaningful thing in Wuhan's religion history.The first pastor of this church who take an imporant role in establishing the church is Tingzhan, Bao.

There is also a privite school for men established together with Chongzhen Church. In 1868, Griffith John set the Wuchang Renji Hospital, in 1895, it has a large scale expansion and renovation. In 1897,Ms Fushide, Missionary from the London, founded Yixun Academy. Now, the British Christian London Missionary Sociaty's architectures which we had talked just now in the Tanhualin block are still there.

In1951, the senior pastor Xianyou Zeng set the "three-self" revolution study Wuchang branch, this church became one of the learning center of the"three-self" in Wuchang. In1958, after the united worship, the religion activity was stoped  in Chongzhen church, the chapel was been used as a storage of a paper mill. In November of 2000, after its general renovation, it regained the religion activity. Now, it is the excellent history architecture.

Besides Chongzhen church, there are also some architectures around which has Christian signals. Renji(仁济, humanitarian aid ) Hospital was founded by the British Christian London Missionary Sociaty Charity Organization and the Church of Christ in China. Its primitive name is British London Church hospital. It was set after Britain's missionary Griffith John founding the Chongzhen church in 1961 and it is for serving the Christians and the surrounding people; the Boone Memorial School was found in October, 20th, 1871 by American protestant episcopal church, it was boys'boarding school at first, it is also called Wenhuilian Memorial academy(the predecessor of the Central China Normal University),now it is Hubei Chinese Medicine University,Christmas church located in the No.5 building of Chinese Medicine University in the Hubei province. Founded in 1870, it's western architecture and it's portico style copied the ancient Greek's style. The arecheture can only be found here in Hubei province and it is the earliest and longest worship church in Hube.

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