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'Muhan Company' Director Talks About G-Dragon's Acting

'Muhan Company' Director Talks About G-Dragon's Acting

G-Dragon G-Dragon(Soompi)
ByMei Manuel September 04, 2016
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Seems G-Dragon also has a talent for acting as noted by the director of 'Muhan Company' Jang Hang Joon.

On the September 3 MBC's 'Infinite Challenge' episode, the film was introduced. Before the movie was released, the cast members and G-Dragon gathered for a private preview. Although he showed his confusion when he ask included, he agreed to appear in the movie because he thought it would be a sketch, not a full-blown featured.

He said embarrassedly "I'm making my film debut throughout 'Muhan Company.' I don't want to see myself act."

G-Dragon has actually acted in small projects such as in the idol group's music videos and parodies. However, he has never properly made his debut and he had actually turned down several role offers in the past.

But, according to Director Jang Hang Joon, the idol has actually performed quite well in the movie. In a statement, the director said "I was certain that [G-Dragon] would act well. He is a professional for sure, and he changed when he was in front of the camera."

Aside from this praise from the director, G-Dragon has actually filmed without major hurdles and many fans are excited to see another side of the idol.

'Muhan Company' is a two-part thriller movie that was written by Kim Eun Hee and also stars Kim Hye Soo, Lee Je Hoon, Kim Hee Won and Kunimura Jun for cameo appearances.

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