Christian Celebrity Rachel Liang Holds Concert to Share God's Work

By Elsie Hu, October 21, 2016 02:10 AM

Rachel Liang

On October 17, Christian celebrity Rachel Liang and her husband Amos Zhang held a concert in a Taiwanese university, sharing God's love with over 3000 students. More than 300 people raised their hands to accept Jesus.

During the concert, the singer praised God for her good life and thanked God for what she has accomplished and the concert changed lives for every song, it told a story of life, according to Chinese Christian Tribune.

Rachel also shared her experiences growing up: she had a nice family with an elder sister and a younger brother. Her parents brought them to church on Sunday mornings and hung out on the afternoons. But her alcoholic mother broke up the family since her first grade in primary school.

On fifth grade, her father died in a work accident. This sudden misfortune dragged her into extreme sadness, discouragement and anger. Starting to reject the faith in God, she turned rebellious and began to smoke cigarettes, drink, skip classes and had bad company. Worried about her, her uncle sent her and her brother into a Christian orphanage, the Christian Mountain Children's Home. She was a loner there, contacting nobody and refusing to be cared. 

The teachers asked the other children to pray for her in the daily evening prayer, saying that she didn't adapt very well here and ask God to let her know that everyone loved her and open her heart to accept them. 

One day, Liang heard a wonderful song while walking and then sought who sang it, following the voice. It was the children in the orphanage's church, who were shedding tears while singing. But the tears didn't stem from sadness but gratitude. At that moment, she realized that they were singing their lives more than the lyrics of the songs. Those peers who were once maltreated or abandoned praised God in hymns with rejoicing hearts. The injustice and hatred inside her were partially released. 

Later, the friends of the choir always chatted with her and prayed for her. In the process, she slowly opened her sealed heart and joined the choir. As a member of the choir, she gave testimonies and shared her life experience in the performance tours. 

During the choir's performance in a foreign church, without being seen, she ran into a church and knelt down the ground, not understanding why she, an orphan, shared her embarrassing past in front of the crowd. A voice answered her, "Child, because I love you very much!" Since then, she has been convinced of God's presence and that God will be with her on every future stage she stands on.

Afterwards, she joined in “One Million Star”, a television singing competition and sometimes, she was confused despite the good result. She feared failure, being washed out so much that she lost happiness in singing. Sitting in the "failure area" in a round, she began to ponder over God's will behind this issue. She ignored the process of endeavor for she wanted success too much in the beginning. Finally, she got the runner-up, claiming the rank in happiness that this was the most appropriate position God arranged for her. 

In the concert, she sang her Three Wishes, one of the album's song, singing out her dream initiated at 22, and Unexpected Encounter, a single released after her wedding, expressing her thanks to God for letting her out of the shadows of her original family and  resulting in good marriage.

The Christian singer shared that she had fear before marriage until meeting her husband. She came to know the real him from his family and what a leader he is in the church. Before dating, she made a prayer in her heart, "God, if he is the partner you prepared for me, let's have a good result and our future marriage life to glorify you and serve you and the children you love in the world hand in hand together."

She knows more about God's move through her husband's love, acceptance and tolerance now. When she gave the sovereignty of her marriage to the hands of God, He granted marriage she never imagined to her. She hoped that every young people could experience this amazing blessing from God. 

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