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Church in Hubei Studies the Lord’s Prayer

Church in Hubei Studies the Lord’s Prayer

Rev. Zhang Wuxing delivers a sermon in Glory Church Rev. Zhang Wuxing delivers a sermon in Glory Church (Glory Church)
ByCindy Zhang October 28, 2016
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On October 13 and 14, 2016, Wuhan Glory Church of Hubei held a Bible study to learn the Lord's prayer. 

The study consisted of four sermons and the average attendance reached 500 for each sermon. Rev. Zhang Wuxing, the alumni of Zhongnan Theological Seminary, was invited as the speaker. He taught the prayer's significance and its practice.

The church prepared simple lunches and the worship team lead the congregation to praise and worship the Lord during the study. 

The church's official website introduces that it was built in 1931. It was originally related to the London Mission and initially named Griffith Church to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Griffith John, the British missionary, and the 70th anniversary of his mission work in China. The building of the church was seriously damaged during the Japanese invasion. Soon after the anti-Japanese War was ended, the church was repaired with the donations of the local Christians.

In 1951, the church was renamed Glory Church and became one of the earliest union worship churches in Wuhan. However, it was closed during the Cultural Revolution. On November 30,1980, the church started again as the first re-opened church in Hubei Province.

The church covers an area of 1191 square meters with the main building of the congregation hall on the second floor, the balcony on the third floor and the chapel, devotional room, meeting room, staff offices on the first floor. Besides the main church, there is a minister's building, and a Clinic of Glory and Love that provides non-profit medical service to the community.

Owing to its long history and unique style, the church was defined as an " Outstanding Historic Architecture " by the municipal government on July 28,1993. In 2006, with the financial support from the local government and the donations from the congregations, the church has been repaired again with a belfry attached.

Nowadays, the Sunday attendance reaches 1500. In addition to the normal services, it holds many programs, including Bible study, devotions, prayer and witness meetings, Sunday School, choir and youth fellowship. It also provides baptism, Holy Communion, holy music worship, wedding and funeral services as well.

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