EXO Lay's "Lose Control" MV Released

By Mei Manuel, October 28, 2016 03:10 AM

EXO's Lay(Screenshot/Soompi)

On October 28 at 1 am KST, EXO's Lay has officially released his first Chinese mini album "Lose Control" with the full video of the title track.

The video features a pop-R&B hybrid music that blends well with a distinct guitar music. In the video, Lay is seen telling the viewers how he concentrated all his love for one woman, but he is unable to leave her world when she does.

As reports have earlier stated, Lay is the main producer of the entire album, composed and wrote the tracks and arranged them personally. The mini album as five other b-side tracks, including the pre-released track what U need?" and "MYM", which he performed for fans in 2015. The mini album also includes a booklet written in Chinese with  English, Korean and Japanese translations.

Check the full MV below:


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