Miao Edition of The Pilgrim's Progress to Be Published

By Ruth Wang, November 19, 2016 02:11 AM

"The Pilgrim's Progress" to be published in Miao language

A brother who has been in a ministry for the Chinese ethnic minority states on Thursday that the hardback of Miao edition of the Pilgrim's Progress will be published soon.

As the most successful religious allegory in the English-speaking world, the book has been hailed as an epic journey among the British literature. Divided into two parts, the content resembles the Old Testament and the New Testament, guiding people to follow the Christian doctrine and understand the Salvation.

By the means of allegories and dreams, the author John Bunyan tells the story that in a dream, a narrator sees a man named "Christian" who reads a book and becomes terrified at the news that his city will be burned by the heavenly fire in the first part. At that time "Evangelist" guides him to flee from his hometown and head to the heavenly world. Then "Christian" who carries the burden of the world steps on the hard and brave journey to find salvation for himself and others. 

The second part appeared in 1684, introducing the  pilgrimage that "Christiana", wife of Christian, and her children goes to the heaven under the guidance of "Mr. Great-Heart."

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