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Pastor Shares the Danger of “Eastern Lightning” to Local Churches and Society

Pastor Shares the Danger of “Eastern Lightning” to Local Churches and Society

The books of cults The books of cults
ByCCD contributor: He Zenghai November 29, 2016
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Editor's Note: On Nov 17, at the "2016 Qinghai Christian Training Class" hosted in Xining, Pastor He Zenghai of Qinghai Xining Dongchuan Church shared "Resist Heresy and Prevent Penetration by Cults." He demonstrated the influence caused by heretic cults to Qinghai Churches and the society by using actual cases. This article is part of his sharing about the danger to the locals caused by the cult "Eastern Lightning".

Case 1: as early as in 1998 and 1999, I have heard and seen the harm and persecution to many brothers and sisters by the cult "Eastern Lightning." Back then, an aged Pastor Meng Zhaohan was still there. Some deacons from Xining churches and even members of Xining City CCC&TSPM followed "Eastern Lightning."

There was a church in a county of Xining that suffered the impact of "Eastern Lightning" around 2000. The church once let an "Almighty God" preacher on the holy stage, talking about the so-called "Kingdom Time." This "Almighty God" preacher was a member of the Xining CCC&TSPM and he gave a book of The Word Appears in the Flesh to a brother while preaching in the church. The book was the primary book of the cult "Almighty God." At the time, the brother lent the book to me. However, the cult regretted and sent several people to the home of the brother asking for the book. The family of the brother suffered from nervous fear because of it.

Case 2: at the time, a local family fellowship with roughly as many believers as the church mentioned above suffered impact from "Eastern Lightning" too. The preacher of the fellowship was very brave for some time. I went to their fellowship listening to her preaching many times. She rebuked "the Shouters" and "Eastern Lightning" in her sermons. However, the ending was tragic.

For the same impact from the cult "Almighty God", regular churches still continue their services now, but the private fellowship gatherings went to their doom and disappeared. Thus it can be seen that regular churches are not the severely affected areas, but the private fellowships are.

Case 3: in 2005 before Christmas, on Dec 5-6, there were 8 incidents caused by the cult members of "Almighty God" by illegally instigating, propagating, and gathering public riots. With the severe punishment, prevention, and control of the local police, the cult "Almighty God" changed their ways of working from Dec 7. They started secretly distributing, posting, hanging, and spraying reactionary propaganda materials. Qinghai Public Security Department arrested more than 400 cult members of "Almighty God" and destroyed many shelters of the cult. They also confiscated the banners, discs, slogans, books, and 5,000 other kinds of cult propaganda materials as well as computers, printers, speakers, cell phones, and other tools of propaganda implicated in the case.

In April 2013, we actively cooperated with the government in teaching the local grassroots cadres and some members of "Almighty God" in Xining East Town District Yunjiakou Community. That June we tried to persuade ten members of "Almighty God" in the female correctional facility, but it was rather difficult. Even though they invited many experts, it was of no avail. The correctional officer hoped that, with our participating, as long as they didn't believe in "Almighty God", it would be considered successful if they believed in Christianity. However, it was difficult for us to be successful.

The reactionary remarks of "Eastern Lightning"

I read the book, The Word Appears in the Flesh, for one night and found more than 90 reactionary remarks; the following are some examples from the book:

The book refers to pastoral leaders of the three-self churches as flies with green wings relying on their pigs and dogs parents. How do you understand this "pigs and dogs parents?"

Moreover, the most hateful thing was that their so-called God was going to pick some first-born sons in China. That Chinese were born from prurience and they needed to be cut and killed repeatedly before welcoming foreigners and pastoring them with the Spirit. What does it mean by "pastoring foreigners with the Spirit?"

More pathetically, the so-called female Christ said ferociously:"I am furious that you don't believe China will be overturned." What does it mean that such a traitor is featured completely?

It is not enough to identify "Almighty God" as a "heresy" or "evil cult". It is indeed a traitorous underworld organization.

Translated By: Grace Hubl

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