Three Suggestions to Get Rid of Phone-Addiction, From a Pastor

By Elsie Hu, January 06, 2017 03:01 AM


This is an era of "phones" with more and more phubbers ( a mash-up of phone and snub). 

A large percentage of people suffer from the dependency on cell phone, phubbing in subway stations, on buses and even at the moment of crossing the street. Phones and the Internet are created to help people work and study more conveniently and get to know things occurring in the world and information. It gives access to what we want in daily life, such as shopping and ordering goods.

However, excess use of mobile phones brings about bad things, such as less communication with others in real life and inclination to online talks.What's more, lowering your head all the time harms your health, causing decreased vision, stiff cervical vertebra, and inattention, etc. Meanwhile, bad information floods the Internet. Our body, soul and spirit are somewhat affected by unhealthy messages and videos. Well, it's not easy to get rid of cell phone addiction.

Rev. Liu from Shandong gives three suggestions to manage your phones in this phubbing world:

First of all, enrich your spare time

Manage your schedule. For example, set a certain period of time for browsing online news, chatting and entertainment and other periods to go running or do other things... "We need to manage our life... not controlled by it. Do everything in a moderate way for too much is as bad as too little."

Secondly, take out time to "shut down" your phone

This "shutdown" refers to not using your phone too often rather than turn off the phone's power. "Restrict the usage frequency of phones. Form a habit. If you can't do it, force yourself to do it." The pastor adds.

Thirdly, delete unnecessary Apps

"Now there is full of chatting and shopping tools". He states. People tend to linger on there when spending too much time on the things, moreover, they occupy your time and mind. Rev. Liu suggests to delete repetitive and redundant Apps and not to install too many chat Apps.

Now cell phones, which are not merely "media", has been one essential part of our life. Some Chinese Christian declare that using phones costs too much time to the extent that Bible reading and praying become hard for them.

Rev. Fan from Henan tells CCD that updating one's WeChat account is a fashion in China, but spending too much with it is a waste. So be temperate.

"Some platforms publish a lot of messy information, very chaotic." She advises Christians to identify which is harmful to physical and mental health and filter it out.

In addition, Christian who can't control the use of phones should seek help from the church. The female pastor shares that her church reminds the congregation to shut down their phones for an hour a day and meditate on God's world quietly during that time.

"A cell phone is a big temptation and (many people) feel isolated without phones." Therefore, she holds that churches should warn believers to understand the advantages and disadvantages of them. Next, believers should have consciousness to overcome addiction to smart phones -- with God's word.

Churches need to tell believers to emphasize the importance of Bible reading and prayer. When they draw near to God, the Holy Spirit will rule them. "They need restraints and guidance from the Spirit. Every day carry out the reading and prayer plans made by the church. They will grow and change when ready to obey them."

In the end, she mentions that personal willpower matters more than guidance from the church. "When you're resolved to do it, take action and stick to it." Finally, you will see the result. 

Translated by: Karen Luo 

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