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Revision of Religious Affairs Regulations To be Implemented in 2017

Revision of Religious Affairs Regulations To be Implemented in 2017

The 2017 National Religious Bureau Conference The 2017 National Religious Bureau Conference(sara.gov.cn)
ByYi Yang January 14, 2017
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The 2017 National Religious Bureau Conference was held in Beijing from Jan 7th to 10th. The new religious affairs regulations released in 2016 was the highlight of the conference.

The meeting was a conclusion of 2016's national religious affairs. The framework of national religious affairs in the coming year was also put forward, according to the official website of National Religious Affairs Bureau. Wang Zuo-an,  director of National Religious Bureau, made a report at the conference, stating that in the past year, the National Religious Bureau issued the plan to regulate religious affairs under the rule of law. 

He stressed that in the coming year the National Religious Affair Bureau will focus on following jobs: Firstly, study and implement the spirit of the National Conference on Religious Work; Secondly, strengthen the rule of law in religious affairs; Thirdly, maintain a stable and orderly religious filed. 

Wang also suggested sorting out the key points of religion job and strengthening the construction of religious field with focuses and priorities. Religious exchanges were also contained in the topic.

According to China's ethnic and religious weekly reports, the six biggest religious events in 2016 are as follows:

1. The establishment of a national religious group joint conference system;

2. The revision of national religious affairs regulations, which were concerned with national security, public comments and the hope of religious people in China. The revision was in accordance with the new situation and urgent needs of religious work in China.

3. New progress made in the development of Christianity in China. In 2016, the National Religious Affairs Bureau guided the job of TSPM & CCC to localize Christianity in China. Private Christian activities were regulated under the law. Illegal overseas cultural infiltration activities in the name of Christianity were banned. In a word, Christian activities were carried out in an orderly way.

4. Guide the job of China Islamic Association. A seminar discussing the thoughts and ideologies of Islam was held. The theme was to fight against Religious extremist forces and promote positive religious activities.

5. Ensure the safety of pilgrimage activities.

6. An international seminar of Buddhism in Han nationality was successfully held.

7. "Dialogue of Religious Leaders", which was the subforum of 2016 Boao Forum for Asia., was successfully held. Director of National Religious Affairs Bureau, Wang Zuo'an and other leaders from religious bureau attended.

8. A Sino-Austria seminar discussing Tao Te Ching was successfully held in Vietnam.

9. A Sino-German Inter-Religious Dialogue was successfully held in Hamburg, Germany.

Translated by Emma Ma

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