New Report Shows China's Continuous Crackdown on Churches

By Mei Manuel, February 27, 2017 20:02 PM



Another report reveals the intensifying efforts of the Chinese government's crackdown on Chinese Christians, this time in northwest Xinjiang.

According to the report of Radio Free Asia, both Catholic and Protestant congregations are being targeted and the government even puts them on the spotlight.

'The ruling Chinese Communist Party, which embraces atheism, has stepped up controls over any form of religious practice among its citizens in recent years, putting increasing pressure on faith groups to join the Protestant Three Self Patriotic Association or the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association, which has no ties with the Vatican.'

When the church is asked about their actions, they claim their operations are done against terrorism.

An anonymous church member is quoted in the report,  saying: 'We don't dare gather for worship now... The police are saying it's part of terrorism prevention in Xinjiang and that they won't allow gatherings of even a few people.'

While officially sanctioned churches continue to grow, the house churches and underground networks of churches have also experienced growth in numbers despite harassment from the government. The church member went onto say, 'I heard that several churches...have been targeted. They are also going after people regarded as participating in evil cults.'

Fines have been issued, Bibles have been confiscated and some churches are now too afraid to meet. A government official is reported to have said: 'They all have to worship in [an officially approved] church.'


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