Scientists Say Algae Bloom in Gulf in Oman Threatens Marine Ecosystem

By M. Grace, March 16, 2017 21:03 PM


Twice a year, the Gulf of Oman turns green and algae bloom spread as massive as the size of Mexico across the Arabian Sea up to Indian seas.

According to scientists, the algae bloom was caused by microscopic organisms which are living in new conditions brought by the climate change. They added that this event threatens the entire marine ecosystem.

According to biogeochemist Jiaquim Goes, the algae blooms causes "short-circuiting of the food cahin," which endangers the whole marine life.

"Normally these things happen slowly, usually we talk about tens of hundreds of years. Here it's happening overnight," he said. "The transformation is happening before our eyes."

The algae could paralyze the fish as they clog their gills which helps them absorb oxygen, suffocating them. Some turtle, manatees and dolphins also died due to algal toxins. In this cases, U.N. science agency have stated that in rare cases, this could kill people.

According to researchers, the bloom could even spread to the Indian Ocean when it continues to absorb greenhouse gases but they also stated it could be contained if sprayed with fresh water. Goes, including other scientists hopes to create an early-warning system for Oman to help this occurrence. 

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