Why is it so easy to think negative thoughts and not accept goodness?

By M. Grace, March 17, 2017 22:03 PM

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As humans, we are innately good. However, we always find it so hard to appreciate what is good and heavenly but we can enumerate endless negative thoughts ruining our mood and our lives as a whole.

Philosophers like Rousseau belive that humans are good but Hobbes and Augustine's doctrine belive that humans are self-centered and broken. With this, humans are known and carried the belief that they are not good and just bad individuals who are just saved through divine intervention.

For some, it is too hard to think positive thoughts and appreciate the goodness in people and things. Depression and problems are two of the main causes why people surrender their positive thoughts and exchange it with something negative. Some people admit they think negatively so that when the outcome is positive, it is more worthy than having good expectations but then it turned out bad.

However, being pessimistic is not good for you as it triggers or causes negative effects too in the body such as sadness, depression, low self-esteem and the like.

Trying to be positive in life is not escaping the reality but rather it is our defense mechanism to always hope and expect for the best plus it is healthy!

You can be positive by doing these things:

1. Find the good.

2. Write good things.

3. Speak with your happy moment and success.

4. Do not be envious of others.

5.Take control and Smile!

6. Stay balanced.


Know that life is not good at all times just as it will not give you bad things all the time. Stay realistic and pray always!

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