Is a Christian Marriage Perfect?

By CCD contributor: Lin Wanxi, March 22, 2017 00:03 AM

Christian Marriage(pixabay)

My colleague from South Africa said to me that she can't attend tonight's party for co-workers because she wants to see her husband, who will be visiting our city. They live in different cities because of work. She claims that it is essential to have a husband and she feels happy in her marriage.

However, she did add that every marriage has its own problems and it is not perfect as we imagine.

Her first husband was rich; but, her marriage to him felt like hell. Her relatives supported her divorce and her father gave her money to advance in school. Afterwards, she prayed and met her current husband. He is nice to her and they married, having two cute children soon after. She feels satisfied with her marriage, telling us that we should have faith in God, who prepares the right person at the right time, even if we experience sorrows. Recalling to the past, she says that God still reigns and makes us stronger after all.

I thought that there might be a world of difference between Christian men and non-Christian men; but, I finally find out that men will always be men. They share the same nature created by God.

An elderly man, who has a good relationship with me, informs me that the two reasons why men are faithful to their spouses are that they have poor conditions that make them unattracted to women and that they have extreme self-control. Many male friends of mine also expressed the same opinion.

I tell him that there are many Christians who enjoy beautiful marriages around me. He replies, "Only they know their inner problems in their marriage."

Once, I regarded marriage as a fairy tale that would be perfect. But now, I perceive that every marriage has flaws, tears and groans, regardless if it was Christians or non-Christians who got married. The father of faith, Abraham, denied his relationship with his wife twice to protect himself and his wife was nearly married by other people.

It can be seen that marriage can never be perfect because marriage on the earth is the presentation of marriage in heaven.

Marriage does not need to be perfect. We should enter married life with love and beautiful hearts without too much hope on our partners to be perfect because it cannot be weighed into our marriage with Jesus, our husband who never disappoints his wife. 

Translated by Karen Luo

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