This Thing Kills Your Marriage Faster than Cheating

By M. Grace, March 27, 2017 21:03 PM


Some married couple end up filing a divorce not because someone is cheating but because of this "C Word" which kills their love and respect as a couple and member of one family.

Unexpressed conflict is about the answer to basic questions like what color to paint for the kitchen, which school is best for your children or about the political belief. It is the small differences between couple but these little conflict when left untouched can turn into assumptions and accusations.

When you feel that there is conflict, you have to practice this "C Word" as well. Communicate with your partner. Moreover, once you recognize there are untapped or unaddressed issues, do the following if you want to save your marriage:

Go First

It takes maturity, bravery and humility to speak about the unaddressed issues before your spouse take a step. Some of us struggle to do this but when we address that short and small conflict, the sooner we can cut the harm or risk it will put into our marriage. (Proverbs 17:14)

Admit Mistakes

When you feel like you did the wrong thing then admit it first and not try to throw the blame to your spouse. Even if it is kinda embarrassing, remember that this may or may not break your marriage.

Speak Honestly and Clearly

Just like on what was explained earlier, through communication, marriage can be saved or not. So honest confessions and genuine apologies are great recipes to fix the issue.

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