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Chinese Cosmetics Company Sells Products Tested on Animals

Chinese Cosmetics Company Sells Products Tested on Animals

Cosmetics in China Cosmetics in China(Pixabay)
ByM. Grace April 19, 2017
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China will only allow cosmetic firms to sell products in the country if the company submit to the compulsory animal testing in the government laboratories.

L'Oreal, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, Proctor & Gamble and more are selling products directly to the Chinese consumers after they underwent into animal testing for their several products.

According to experts, some companies may lose the chance to sell their products in China as it is one of the big market for cosmetics. But some company are hoping if the country could change their policy or use other method of testing like using a 3D tissue model but experts added that China is still far behind about it.

"They're just completely behind the curve in learning about the new science," said Erin Hill, president of U.S.-based Institute of In Vitro Sciences. "It's a big task to make this shift - it comes down to having the right laboratories, the people skilled in these different methods, and also access to the equipment and the supplies you need."

Despite the constant request of few cosmetic brands, National regulator China Food and Drug Administration did not gave any comment.

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