Why Women Compete with Each Other?

By M. Grace, July 05, 2017 17:07 PM

Competitiveness is a natural trait of a woman.(Pixabay)

Female competes for a suitable male's attention.

According to an article published by Doctor of Philosophy, Noam Shpancer, females compete with each other in order to snag a suitable male, fighting against each other to own a man's favor.

Dr. Shpancer cited the works of Canadian researchers Mryanne Fisher and Anthony Cox, including the American evolutionary psychologist David Buss listing techniques in which women compete. Women compete by self-promotion; they present themselves as more desirable than the other women. Women try to derogate their competitor or put other women down to make themselves look and feel better. They also set up situation so that their mate won't be subject to other women's charms or the so-called mate manipulation. Lastly, women also try to manipulate their own competitor and convince them that their mate is not worth going after.

Competitiveness, violence and aggressiveness were noted to be features attributed to masculinity and maleness before; but, thanks to Darwin, new studies focused on investigating the same phenomenon to females began to flourish in the 1980s.

"A host of studies in recent years have shown convincingly that the traditional view of women as passive and uncompetitive is wrong," the article published stated. "Women, it turns out, are engaged in a competition of their own, aggressively jockeying for position in a battle to secure a suitable mate."

Joyce Benenson, a researcher at Emmanuel College in Boston, revealed that there are three characteristics of women during competition: they protect their own bodies from physical harm, they rely on aggression towards other females, second: they insist on becoming powerful and beautiful woman who believe on uniformity, sharing and equality for all women and third: social exclusion.

Cosmopolitan, a female lifestyle blog, added that this natural personality trait of a woman is the reason why women find themselves landing on a random female stranger's page after mindless social media stalking.

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