Christians, Stop 'Evangelizing Regardless of Occasion'

By CCD contributor: Xiao Bin, July 25, 2017 07:07 AM


When it comes to disaster relief, it's notable that there are many improper ways or occasions of preaching the Gospel. Improper preaching ways could not be banned since Christians are preachy more or less.

I remember that after the Wenchuan Earthquake, so many Christians rushed there out of love. While due to lacking common sense and necessary training, many Christian volunteers there turned to be rescuees, among which many Christian volunteers were sent there by mission agencies.

There is a serious polarization regarding Christians' minds on preaching: some are indifferent, while others preach regardless of occasions.

So I would like to say something about preaching according to the occasion and some necessary tactics.

"Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season;" (2 Timothy 4.2, NIV)

This is what Paul told Timothy about preaching. Does it mean preaching regardless of time and occasions? Of course not, even our Lord Jesus had his plan on preaching. By saying that Paul was reminding Timothy of preaching unlimited, since time was less(they hold the view that Jesus would come soon at that time,) so the preacher should be always prepared to preach the full Gospel to those who are elected by God.

Let's take a look at the Evangelization of our time. Are we capable of preaching the full Gospel to a non-believer? There are many young Christian sisters and brothers who are more willing to hand out Gospel fliers rather than get a full understanding of Christian History and Christian teachings through bible studies, nor are they capable of answering some reasonable questions from non-believers. That's weird. We are following those great missionaries remained in history so that we preach, while all of them were well educated and fully prepared before their missionary journey began.

There is a skill, 'swoop,' in the church-training, meaning that Christians prefer to preach to those who are suffering assuming that it's easier for the sufferers to accept the Gospel. The 'swoop' skill is a just a skill, neither good nor bad. But as time passes, disaster becomes a chance to preach rather than normal time.

"We will not believe more than we know, and we will not live higher than our beliefs." - Dr. Al Mohler. We also have the saying "Easier said than done." We Christians should confess our shortcomings.

Jesus had set us a good example. He acted on what he taught. He gave great sermons, alongside he healed the sufferers, as well as feeding those starved. Apostles of the Early Church followed Jesus, so as the missionaries in the history.

Did we forget about it? We preach without healing; we teaching without feeding; we tell the sufferers "believe in Jesus and you'll be saved;" we tell those starved "believer in Jesus and you'll be satisfied;" we tell those sorrowed "believer in Jesus and you'll be comforted." 

But who will accept this kind of shallow good news? No wonder that more and more people take Christianity as hypocritical. We are responsible for the hypocrisy in the gentiles.

Nowadays Christianity is becoming so weak. Some Christians live in fantasy, being proud of some fake facts that some political leaders are Christian or some super-stars are Christians. Even some Christians love to preach far away rather than bring good influence to his family and neighbors.

Preach the word, starting from being a Christian bringing good influence to people around us. Though the start is late and the walk slow, sincere practice would do much help. Let's become the Christian that acts on our belief, to be a pathfinder to those seekers, rather than obstruction of the Gospel.  

-Translated By Alice Wang

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