Fights You Don't Need To Avoid On Your First Year Of Marriage

By M. Grace, July 31, 2017 20:07 PM


It does not mean that you and your significant other had dated for years before getting married means you already worked out kinks on your relationship. People who spent time together for few years know that there's always something new they find out about each other. After all, as the saying goes, "forever is a long time."

As a newly-wed couple, here are 3 mistakes a couple should not make during the early years of their marriage:

Do not avoid money talk

This may not be the most romantic talk between you and your significant other but remember that once you are married, you are tied together legally and that both of you bound to responsibilities.

"Talking about money is difficult," divorce attorney Morghan Leia Richardson shared. "People tend to avoid it, especially in a romantic relationship or new marriage because it can lead to arguments. But one of the benefits of marriage is the financial partnership that's formed: Two incomes and shared expenses. Couples who don't talk about finances establish a bad pattern where one of them is in the dark about their money. The marriage suffers; resentment and distrust build and the marriage fails."

According to marriage and relationship experts, being open with one another and talking it through this topic every week can be helpful to the couple.

Distribute equal household responsibilities

It does not mean that if she is a woman, the husband will let her do all the household chores. As a newly-wed couple, assigning every little task is helpful  especially before they get to have children.

Do not regret small gestures

Those simple and small gestures you make just like when you were dating can continuously make you still attracted with your partner. Remember that these little things can become significant during stressful times and that it does make so much difference in marriage.

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