Here's Why You Need To Tell The Truth Even If It Hurts

By M. Grace, August 16, 2017 16:08 PM

Be Truthful(BGEA)

Words, tone and presentation must be chosen carefully when delivering a fact or a simple statement. Words are known to be very powerful and that it has the power to hurt and heal.

The Holy Bible helps us to use words carefully. According to Proverbs 16:24, Solomon advices that the gracious words sweet like honeycomb and they are healthy to the human body.

The Holy Bible also advices us to speak the truth in love, as per Ephesians 4:15. According to the passage, we should speak the truth and that our words should be motivated by love.

However, should you say the truth even if it truly hurts? Deciding when and how to tell the truth is not easy but here are the reasons and considerations to take:

Speaking the truth is our responsibility.

We do not give favors when we allow others disrespect us using their foul words. To remain silent while they harm us with their words is wrong. We have our own responsibility to take care of ourselves and let others know that they have crossed dignity and respect by using those foul words.

Speaking truth can be frightening.

We find ourselves doubting if whether we should tell what we need to tell others. However, standing firm and sharing what needs to be shared will help others to enable less destructive behavior to continue. It takes courage but when you say it, it helps not only you but others, too.

Speaking truth can bring change.

When we just let the usual go on and do not speak up, what we are and what we have will always remain as is. Thus, speaking up and speaking the truth can help us change our thoughts, ways and actions.



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