Jeremy Lin Hopes His Team Can Perform Exceptionally Well

By M. Grace, August 18, 2017 15:08 PM

Jeremy Lin (Jeremy Lin 林書豪 Facebook )

Chinese Christian basketball player Jeremy Lin is positive that his team, Brooklyn Nets, will make it to the playoffs and he reportedly hopes they will do exceptionally well.

During a media dialogue between Lin and his Chinese fans in Shanghai earlier in August 2017, he revealed that he does not feel any pressure at all even if everyone things they could not play well.

"I still feel like we can make the playoffs. I know everyone will laugh, but that's no problem. If I believe we can make the playoffs, this is most important," he said. "Hopefully we can perform exceptionally well. Everyone thinks we'll suck, so I feel like we don't have a lot of pressure," he reportedly said.

Despite the fact that the basketball enthusiasts do not believe in the Brooklyn Nets, Jeremy Lin said that there is no shaking in his faith with the team. In fact, he reportedly said that he was satisfied with how the team performed during the off-season despite Brook Lopez's absence.

Lin also revealed that he would always miss Lopez even after he was traded. He shared how Lopez was such a good pal and shared a great tandem with him.

Even if Lopez was traded, Lin also expressed his positivity by saying that his team will become stronger this year.

 "Everyday when I play ball, I want to be really happy playing," he said. "Of course I want to win a lot of games, I'm not really concerned with my own stats," Jeremy Lin shared adding that more than his personal accomplishments, he plays every game with his positive attitude.

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